Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Return of the Plastic Camera

I love taking photos and have always been a bit addicted to buying cameras. I recently purchased a stereo camera from eBay (which I have yet to use), as well as a few plastic cameras. My most treasured new purchase however, is the Diana+ camera by Lomo. The Diana+ is a plastic camera, a remake of the 1960s version which failed in its day. This camera is entirely made of plastic, and creates these dreamy vignetted images because of its construction and light leakage. I have owned a Holga for years (a similar plastic camera that also takes 120 film), and it was too perfect, I rarely had vignetting, and I was too lazy to modify the camera. What's so great about the Diana+ is that it also has a pinhole setting, two masks that allow you to take either 12 or 16 exposure per role, plus you can take one continuous panoramic image. This image is of my boyfriend's daughter and is from the first roll of film I shot with the Diana+. Its shot with Fujicolor Pro 400 H, 120. When I picked up the pics from Sarber's Camera shop, I was immediately in love. Check out the lomo website for cool Diana+ pics from other Diana+ users, and flickr has some good Diana+ groups as well.


MJ said...

Such a beautiful look, I'm looking to explore "through the view finder" photography. I've seen some beautiful examples where you get the same effect as these plastic cameras.

asiankatie said...

hah! i didnt know it was you who took that picture... lol

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