Friday, May 16, 2008

Antiquing in Walnut Creek

A few weeks ago I went to this little antique shop called Quail Country Antiques in Walnut Creek.
This weekend is their annual yard sale, and my friend MJ and I went this morning when they opened at 9am. Although we didn't beat the heat despite the hour, we did find some truly unique items at great prices. The yard sale is held on the shaded gravel drive running alongside the historic little house that is home to an abundance of wonderful antique treasures all year long. Tables nestled along the path were laden with metal egg baskets, antique tins, and antiquated kitchen utensils. Quilts were stacked in piles, and antique toys waited patiently to be taken home. Beautiful rustic wooden fixtures housed vintage Christmas findings, antique crockery, vintage story books and weathered metal watering cans. There were metal picnic baskets, old cabinets, paper ephemera and so much more!

For just under a hundred dollars I found a dozen or more great old things to bring home. Vintage wooden spools, a wooden shoe form (although I have many, this one has red on it!), biscuit tins, and a wooden tea box are just some of the incredible items I found.
One of the best things I purchased was a set of old slides depicting children's book like illustrations of animals and various other things.

All in all it was well worth the sweltering heat!


MJ said...

Ohhh no you didn't!! Posting a picture of that gorgeous woman might cause an internet explosion...
:) antiquing with courtney is always fun!

Anonymous said...

oh you wonderful Miss C- this is a fun description of your day of fun in the sun! p.s. the train ticket invites came out great thanks to you!

Anonymous said...

To the owner of this blog, how far youve come?You were a great blogger.