Saturday, May 10, 2008

A New Find Called "Filthy Gorgeous"

Was in the Walnut Creek area today for an antique store yard sale (which yielded a few good finds), and happened upon this store in the downtown area. The shop is called Filthy Gorgeous, and lives up to its name an more! The space is beautiful... candle lit, long and narrow with high ceilings and cement floors, laden with unusual treasures and findings. Architectural remnants, and sculptures stand tall next to delicate mercury glass style votives, flickering candles reflecting shadows in the softly lit space. Objects new, old and reclaimed are to be found, along with remakes of vintage children's toys and beautifully crafted paper crowns. A wall of carefully stacked bowls, cups and vessels is opposite a bed adorned in French linens, silken pastel Chinese lanterns hanging overhead. My favorite finds were the teal and brown speckled bird's eggs, and the white glass balls with the letters printed on them in ebony black. Both came home with me... I bought the lettered balls to spell out Twin Crow, the name of my online store, and at 1.25 to 1.50 each, they were a steal! A great find!

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