Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gocco Printing with the PG 5

I was so happy to finally buy a Gocco Printer and yet it sat in the box for two weeks, untouched after it arrived. Luckily with the company of MJ and her Gocco, we printed some coasters this morning. The whole process was far easier than I anticipated and I was very happy with the results. Although the instructions are in Japanese (because its a Japanese product) it does come with a VHS (also in Japanese) demonstrating how to "Print Gocco." The PG 5 machine we used comes with a set of screens and bulbs, 3 tubes of ink, and a pen so you can create a screen from an original drawing. You can also use any image that's been xeroxed or printed with a toner based printer. MJ did an drawing of flying birds, and I did a clip art image of a woman.

After using it once, I can see how this might become addicting! Check out Group Gocco and Loco for Gocco on Flickr to see more stuff printed with the Gocco!


Liz Plummer said...

These are great - I've never tried coasters before! Did you have to buy ones with special surfaces or treat the surfaces before you printed?

I'm very impressed with the way your lady came out. Whenever I've tried do print anything with such detail it has just turned out as a blob of ink. Did you do anything special to it in Photoshop? (I tried to do a pic of my cat but you wouldn't know it....)

Genius Monkey Marketing said...

These coasters were from a friend who ordered 1000 for her wedding. They were not specially treated, and I was worried about how the surface would take the ink. They even seem to hold up under moisture which was an afterthought!
I used Riso ink for paper. I was surprised at how detailed the image turned out, so as long as you have enough contrast in a photo it should work! Happy printing!

Anonymous said...

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