Tuesday, April 17, 2012


A certain boy took me to Texas for an early birthday present for... A trip to Roundtop (one of the largest antique faires in the US)!!! It was amazing and hot and we had fun searching out treasures. Visiting Roundtop is an experience thats hard to describe... Roundtop is actually just one site among many in this two week long antique extravaganza. There were thousands of vendors with booths that ranged from tables set up on the side of a road, to spaces that looked like storefronts inside huge circus like tents. One of my favorite sites was Marburger. Large white tents labeled from A-F housed dozens of booths all decorated and installed like stores (think the Parisian Porte de Clignancourt of Texas).  Amidst the tents sat little cabin like structures that also housed specialty antiques, from fine jewelry to paintings to taxidermy! On the other spectrum, many vendors are farmers or artists who set up shop along the couple miles of winding highway. It was so fun to hunt for rusty junk under tables after walking through fine sculptures and gorgeously displayed items in the tents. Here are just a few of my favorite finds from our treasure hunting!