Monday, April 14, 2008

Birds, Nests and Eggs

I ate at Le Cheval the other night with my boyfriend and something we ordered got me thinking about the topic of birds and birds nests. Among many of the Vietnamese vegetable offerings was a dish called a bird's nest. I was immediately drawn to the possibility of this dish as birds and their nests have been an interest of mine (and the whole worlds) as of late. Moments later a plate of golden fried noodles arrived arranged is the shape of a nest, a mound of stir fried veggies snug and steaming in its center. The "birds nest" was delicious, but more importantly it made me think of all the images of birds and nests that keep popping up all over, in art, in retail, in my life. So, for my first post I am including some images and links to noteworthy birds and bird nest themed things that I enjoy and covet. Among the list are some of my favorites including...

Birds and Nests rubber stamp set by cavallini *
which you can find a many boutiques including Paper Source and other stationers

Various birds nest themed items for sale at ETSY including paper goods and unique finds offered by the following etsy sellers:
estatesaletreasures *
FoundObjects *
dovegrey *
luxedeluxe *

Cool fibre nests made by textile artist Kirsten Chursinnoff *

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