Monday, April 21, 2008

Alphabet Books

I love books of all kinds, especially ones with vibrant pictures like the ones found in good kids books. I collect all kinds of kids books, but I especially love alphabet books. The search for a good alphabet book is one of my regular quests. Occasionally a new alphabet book will be published that is different and interesting, like "An A to Z Tresaure Hunt" by Alice Melvin, but usually thrift stores and used book stores yield the the best finds. Small book stores and museum stores will also have more unusual, "arty" abc books like Bruno Munari's ABC. Above are some photos of some of the favorites of my collection. Below are descriptions and links on where to find these guys.

I found Ryan Heshka's ABC SpookShow at Cody's books which used to be on 4th in Berkeley, and is now on Shattuck. I love the imagery (spooky yet childlike) and its small size. You can buy it from Amazon here.

I happened upon The A to Z Treasure Hunt at Books Inc in Alameda. Its published by the Tate Museum, and is the first ABC book I seen that's interactive. The designs are graphic, simple and engaging, plus they urge you to collaborate with the author in the search the for ABC treasure!
Buy it from Amazon here.

Lettered Creatures is one of my best finds! I visited Portland in Oct 2007 just to go to Powell's Bookstore. I picked up this treasure there. Its authored and illustrated by a two brothers, and the content and pictures are stunning! A must have for any book collector. Buy it from Amazon here.

Anermerotics features a side of the alphabet you never knew existed. The imagery depicts an "a forbidden cabaret in 26 acts." The monochromatic images are gorgeous, soft and dreamy and a bit naughty. The remind me a bit of Michael Parke's paintings. Buy it from Amazon here.

PS- I buy books from bookstores all over, and sometimes Amazon too. I've included links to buy through Amazon because people are familiar with Amazon and its easy. But you can request these books from your local bookstore just as easily if you prefer. Happy Hunting!

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