Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Artist Trading Cards

I started making Artist Trading Cards or ATCs about 10 months ago. ATCs are about the same size as a baseball card, specifically 2.5" x 3.5," are used like calling cards, and have become wildly popular over the past few years. I was introduced to them on Flickr, and have been trading on Flickr since my discovery. In the beginning I was a bit shy about my approach, afraid of messing things up, and was reserved and critical about each little image, stamp or drawing. After a couple of hours and a few throw aways, I immediately became addicted. I soon realized, and am now in love the small and manageable size of ATCs. One thing I've learned from art making is that things are never too precious. Working something out is always better than not, regardless of the final image, and often its the process that is most valuable. ATCs are a great way to unblock your creative flow, to get you in the routine of making something, in the habit of drawing or painting regularly, even on a small scale. After you complete a few, you can trade them with other artists.

Imagine receiving a unique small painting or collage in the mail, perhaps sent from a country far away, crafted through images by an artist they may or may not speak your language. Its fantastic! Especially now that I'm an adult (begrudgingly), and I mostly receive bills in the mail, occasionally I'll get an envelope dotted with foreign stamps, a treasure waiting inside.
If you're interested in making ATCs check out flickr and other websites. If you're interested in trading ATCs you can find swap groups on line, on Flickr, or even meetups in your area. If you'd like to trade with me, check out my flickr page, or send me an email!

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MJ said...

I love your ATC's. So whimsical!