Tuesday, November 27, 2012


 Andie's watercolor palette

I took a class all about color with Andie Thrams at SFCB this past weekend. Andie is an bookmaker, and observational sketcher, a nature lover and above all a master of color. When we introduced ourselves early Saturday morning, I said that it wasn't color itself that led to be to this class, but the organization of color. I love things in "rainbow order," for lack of a better phrase. I love to group color with its complimentary, with is neighboring color or just reorganize my colored pencils even though I might be in the middle of a very messy studio. The beauty of color arranged is so, so seductive...

  mixing colors

  pastels arranged by color 

  One of the first known color wheels, this one by Moses Harris. This image is one of many great images found in a treatise on color by Sarah Lowengard
Love this image of Crayola colors and their evolution since 1903. And since I'm OBSESSED with this, I have a whole pinboard of images you can oogle, all of things organized and having to do with color. Trust me, these pics bring happiness!