Friday, December 12, 2008

The Chair: Revisited

So this was posted on Apartment Therapy and received 27 comments so far. Wow! People really hate this chair! Some had really harsh things to say and others had some really good and funny comments. I must say its weird to be fully critiqued  on design aesthetic when this was a 24 hr job. I find the whole thing hilarious! In the end, I am happy with the chair and hated the other fabric, although there were many on apt therapy that loved the before! And for the person who thought I should use velvet on the back of the chair... I did! Thanks for all the feedback!


Anonymous said...

wow!~ if anything people will be coming to your blog to see what other ugly things your making. you know what they say about publicity...Kin and I are enjoying the snow that was delivered last night just for me. Then we need to do some goccoing. happy craft selling my dear

MJ said...

Courtney I found it equally as hilarious reading those comments. I think sometimes people leave comments to read their own words, sort of like just talking to hear yourself speak.
Everyone's a critic!
You did a great job. You had a goal you achieved it, enough said!

Congrats on the Apt Therapy listing though!!

Kat said...

It's an awesome chair. Don't let anyone tell you anything different!

Courtney Cerruti said...

Aw shucks guys! Thanks for the support. I must say either way its more than I expected and sort of interesting to be on this side of the critique. I'll know better to submit anything to Apt Therapy again unless I want an ego bashing!