Friday, October 24, 2008

New Heather Ross Mendocino Line

My fabric arrived today! Its the newest line from designer Heather Ross. Its called Mendocino and comes in many color ways, but I liked the fuchsia, curry and plum on white best. I am making two twin quilts (one for each girl) for the new house. The image above is just the fabric straight from the mail; its not the layout of the quilt. I won't have them finished by move in, but with my new studio space I should be able to make them fairly quickly! I love Ross' sketchy style and the cotton poplin has such a richness to it. Mila is 3 and we call her the Mermaid Princess (Nadia is the Forest Fairy Princess and this whole thing started after Aaron dubbed me the Pirate Princess). She will especially like the mermaids!


MJ said...

I LOVE these fabrics. The colors are great. I would have never thought a mermaid would work so well on fabric!

Courtney Cerruti said...

I can't wait to start sewing!