Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Hi Jinx

Went to Rachel's annual fancy dress Halloween part last night. I decided to be a witch, MJ was a bat and her boy, Dusty, was a psycho killer (but his costume resembled his own sculptures more that anything else). I made these popcorn treat bags. I printed the mouth graphic on the front, and "Eat Me"on the back. I made 4 different kinds of popcorn: butter and salt, Parmesan, chocolate and orange peel, and Cajun spice. They were pretty cute!

Found these shoes at the thrift store and added the orange tissue paper bow. I was surprised how comfortable these were considering I do not wear heels. I kept them on all night without incident! I love Halloween!


MJ said...

You always come up with such cute little "gifts" to bring to any event.
Dusty and I particularly enjoyed eating this gift...
your shoes were super cute too and you didn't even trip once!

Courtney Cerruti said...

Witch's magic!