Saturday, August 2, 2008

Estate Sale Finds

Went to two estate sales today in Berkeley. One was off San Pablo on Ward St., and the other was off College and Parker on Etna. The one near College was in a Julia Morgan house that was very run down, but there was potential there for some good finds. They had lots of linens and some shoes from the 20's, and petticoats. Everything was very pretty dirty however. I picked up a few goodies at each, spending about $10 total.

I purchased some of the old View Master reels for my collection, two sets of cards, one long and thin with unusual pictures, and one called "Tom Thumb" because the cards are miniature. I also bought an old salve tin for my growing collection, an old blurry photograph of a couple walking, and that long metal thing by "omega" predates a calculator, but is this little hand held device that adds. You use a metal stylus to slide the numbers. I thought it was pretty interesting! Also, found a small mirror, worn around the edges, good for art projects.

Tomorrow I am off to the Alameda Point Antique Sale...1st Sunday of every month. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good hunt. The quality is outstanding, and you can still find a good deal here and there. My fav is the Dollar Booth! This pick is from the dollar guy the last time I went to the show a couple of months ago.

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