Monday, June 30, 2008

Craftaluma Show


Paper shoes... about a size 6. A woman purchased these for her mother in law's 90th birthday.

Twin Crow Studios, the name of my one woman company.

Miniature cloched worlds.

ATCs aka Artist Trading Cards

Gocco Printed Tea Towels

Craftaluma has come and gone and I am left a little disappointed, but happy to have had the experience of my first craft show. Being its first year, I think this craft show has tons of potential, but I was saddened by the lack of attendees. The Veteran's Hall was a fine location, but the roadside signage was small, and I drove past the venue without noticing it. The crafts at Craftaluma were a bit of a hodge podge, some punk rock, some in the traditional etsy style, fresh and fun, and others a bit church bazzar.

I was happy to have met two very awesome crafters extrodinaire named Hillary and Linnea of Plain Baby Jane and unPaper (respectively).
Their booth was beautiful and they had some of the best and most adorable items I've ever seen including a lunchbag sack made with Heather Ross fabrics complete with bento box inside by Linnea. Hillary displayed beatiful handmade dolls, handmade panties for kids fashioned from funky fabrics, and plushrooms, a lavendar filled fabric mushroom (so adorable)!

All in all it was a good experience. I look forward to another one!

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