Sunday, June 1, 2008

Alameda Point Antique Sale

Went to the Alameda Point Antique Show today. Its the first Sunday of every month, and costs from 5 to 15 dollars admission depending on what time you go (from 6am on). There are so many dealers here it can be overwhelming, but if you can hang out for a bit, there are so many possible finds! I came home with a few old suitcases, a vintage typewriter and a bunch of findings from the $1 booth.

There are 3 booths all owned by the same guy, that is laden with cool old stuff. Watch parts, vials of medicinal powders, and old wooden type are all priced at $1 each. Across the way you can find old suitcases, large metal letters, and various antique decorative items. In the booth next to the dollar boxes are doll heads, brass tags, various vintage clocks and more.

There are always the regulars here at the show including the Bakelite Lady, people selling French linens and architectural salvage, the type guy and many more. Wear sunscreen and bring water...although windy, the sun can be brutal after a few hours of searching! There is also a row of food along the side of the venue for mid morning snacking and lunch, as well as the antique show standard Kettle Korn.

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