Friday, August 10, 2012

Print & Pattern

Loving the play of print and pattern thats popping up everywhere. From fashion, to fine art, home decor and graphic design, bold shapes and colors in repeat have set my heart a flutter!

I wear a dress everyday, so when I saw this dress by Secret Squirrel and lusted after it instantly!
Love the combination of jade green, coco brown and the sort of foresty olive green that it creates in this graphic by Jelle Martens. Im so drawn to geometric shapes layered over natural images, organic playing against hard edge lines... like this stag made by Maxime Quoilin
And you can bring this pattern phenomenon home too... buy artwork from aaron moran, great graphic prints from Eloise Renouf, check out this awesome iphone case by Dawn Gardner, these cool pillows by barkdecor on etsy or these adorable shoes

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