Monday, September 12, 2011

Strictly Vintage Now Open on Etsy

Check out our new Etsy Shop Strictly Vintage. Matt and I launched the shop this morning with our featured item... a Trapper Nelson Indian Pack Board.  This old school hiking pack is named after the legendary Trapper Nelson of the 1930s who lived off the land selling furs, walking the woods and  became known as the Wildman of Laxahatchee after he opened his own wildlife zoo. He's something of an outdoorsman's hero... This is just one of the many vintage items you can add to your collection. Check them all out on Etsy! Cheers!

trapper nelson


MJ said...

finally! now after you find success online you can open your own store-front!

kiki said...

Looks great Cerruts!

Courtney Cerruti said...

Thanks Ladies! Baby Steps :)