Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Night Out

After a long couple of days at work, I treated myself to a night out with a friend. I started with a trip to Freshly Cut, a beautiful floral shop in Berkeley that creates the most unique and gorgeous arrangements. After a cup of tea, some good conversation and a much needed refill of inspiration, we headed to Adesso on Piedmont for drinks and hors d'oeuvres. My mojito was delicious and our appetizer was pretty tasty.

I ended the night at one of my favorite neighborhood cafes, the Elmwood on College. Tonight the Elmwood celebrated its first donation to one of its charity recipients (50% of Elmwood's profits go to a customer selected charity), Bread Works. The atmosphere was friendly as always and the food was delicious! Homemade strawberry sodas passed in fluted glasses on trays and crostini topped with local goat cheese and peach mint chutney circulated on pretty white plates.
I love that the food is sourced from local farms and everything down to the fresh fruit syrups in the sodas are made in house. I'm looking forward to weekend morning where I can enjoy a pot of loose leaf earl grey! (A pot, not a cup, served in a red tea pot! How perfect is that???)

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