Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day Two in Seattle

I am always on the search for les macarons. Our first stop was le panier in Pike Place market. The macarons had good texture and were pretty tasty, but our favorite macarons came later in the day...
These jewel toned macarons we discovered at Honore Artisan Bakery in Ballard. Although these macarons were larger than their Parisian counterparts, they were delicious! Our favorites were the salted caramel with coconut and the lavender with lavender ganache. Their other pastries and confections were equally delicious!

Our most memorable find of the day was Bella Umbrella just next to Honore Bakery in Ballard.
This tiny shop displayed dozens of vintage umbrellas from the ceiling and housed a myriad of unusual and unique styles along their shelves. All the umbrellas were arranged by color which made for the most breathtaking presentation!

Aaron found this 50's double layered umbrella that was black on the outside with a floral scalloped lining.
The owner rents most of these vintage umbrellas out for weddings and other events, but she also makes a signature pagoda umbrella which I had to have. I chose a pink pagaoda canopy with a red wooden handle. I'm so taken with the shape and style of this umbrella! It has me dreaming of flying away like Mary Poppins!
I also loved this pink and black plaid umbrellas from the 50s...
My pink pagaoda umbrella!


elisabeth alexander (elisabeth engel) said...

Love, love, love the umbrella! and in my mind's eye I am eating the yummy macarons in your photo.

Courtney Cerruti said...

Thanks! We had such a great time. The umbrella store was the best because it was an unexpected find!

katie jean said...

what a fantastic collection! And such a great way to sell and display them.