Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Minicourse at MA

Taught this week at Marin Academy for their annual Minicourse. The kids made paste paper, learned various image transfer techniques for paper and fabric and then compiled all their skills into a final book. They learned four different structures based on the accordion format. The miniature matchbox book proved very popular, as did alphabet accordions. 

Nico and his book of bizarre animal facts.

A friend was pulled into our Minicourse so that Isabelle could use him as a drying rack for her transfers.
Group shot. (Isabelle, Mia, Nico, Cara and Maya)

Sanjai and her giant folding cootie catcher style book.


elisabeth alexander (elisabeth engel) said...

Courtney, this looks so much fun! I want to take this class with you. I am utterly deprived of arts and crafting, since I am on my trip to Asia to see my dad. I guess I am collecting inspirations, but truly itch to make something now. let me know if you teach a class like that again for adults.

MJ said...

congrats on what seems to be a very successful class!
Looks like they had fun and got some great projects from it.

Courtney Cerruti said...

I had lots of fun; I think they did too. Teenagers are a different breed. I was worried about NIco, his two friends Maya and Cara signed him up for this minicourse, but I think he had a good time. He joked with me a lot and wound up making a really nice book.