Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gocco Class at the^workshop

Just taught Gocco printing on the PG5 at the^workshop in Berkeley. It was a great class especially because two of my flickr friends attended and we met for the first time!

Marilyn aka Spiced Coffee gocco'd this Japanese wave image. It looked great on this coaster and on the tea towel she made!

Sheila used an abstract image of telephone wires, and she printed it on tee shirts and her orange nylon bag. It looked great on the bag because the transparency of the sack gave the image some depth and made it more ethereal!

Hillary aka lily lemon drew this owl image and printed it on her tee shirt (the one she wore to class)! It was pretty cute on the tea towel and fabric scraps, but I loved it on the striped background of her tee!!!!!!

Sonia printed her tank top. She used an image of a doorway with Chinese characters above. I love the distressed quality of the image! The printed turned out really beautiful.


Lily Lemon said...

Thanks again for a great time!:)

Courtney Cerruti said...

Your welcome! Hope you are enjoying your gocco'd linens!